The Cunning Plot

The human spirit is a powerful and exquisite energy.  Yet the twist in the ‘plot’ is that a body is required in order to fully express ourselves, and then the truth of ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What should be my purpose?’ gets easily lost.

Dangerous Driving

Imagine being given a car (=body and mind) but not being taught how to drive.  Worse still, we then take the car onto the highway of life, where others are also driving in the same state.  We reap havoc – for ourselves, other people and to the car itself.  Everything sustains damages one way or another – from small dents and scrapes to major crashes and even write-offs.

Smooth Runnings

Liferoute is like a driving school where we can become the more mindful driver in terms of care, consideration and understanding.  Knowing how not to mistakes at the wheel and, by following rules of the road, provides the means to fully enjoy the journey along our life’s unique route to appreciate all our encounters along the way.

The Cycle of Give and Receive

Apart from Liferoute’s consultancy arm, Directions, nearly all activities are based in Cruden Bay and are not charged.  The space and opportunity is made possible because those who participate make a contribution to the costs directly related to the hospitality provided.  In that way, it makes it possible to continue to receive future guests and visitors. 

Hosts volunteer their time and other resources at no charge.


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