A Healing Haven

Depression and anxiety are the worst feelings. We struggle to be able to describe them.

It seems they are designed to make us stop in our tracks.  But then what?  How do we get back on the road – our Liferoute – and be even stronger, healthier, better than ever before?

We all need a place where we can heal. Ideally, a green space, and a place where we feel safe, listened to, understood, valued, and cared for.  If not physically, then a place to go inside ourselves.  


Young Adults

Depression, stress, anxiety is like emotional cancer – it can even seem to come out of the blue and can happen to anyone. 

If you are 18 - 40 years old then Liferoute is here for you especially.  Because you are our future.  You may already have children, and so you set the foundation for their future too.  You matter profoundly.   


Medication: 65-80% of people remain depressed or have a recurrence within a year of taking anti-depressants. But because of the financial power the pharmaceutical companies hold over governments, and because your GP is allocated only 10 minutes to speak with you, a prescription is the most you can expect. There is no science to support anti-depressants.

Therapy:  can help you to learn things about yourself, but how much does looking in a rearview mirror help you to steer forward? 

Taking back control: Depression and anxiety are largely caused by the way we live.  How we think, what we believe, our whole character and outlook, we can choose to change.

Broken Wing

A broken wing is just that – it isn’t life-threatening and it can heal.  It just means your world has become much smaller, you are stuck on the ground where there is limited joy. 

In fact, you become trapped in your own story where ‘everything is about you.’  And it is that which makes us want to escape from inside our head; it isn’t the broken-ness, it’s our thoughts.  Learn more about Broken Wing in Events.