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"Your task is not to seek love, but to seek out and remove the defences you have put in between yourself and love."  Rumi

I would say that love is the most natural of human conditions. We are told that a newborn baby can die within a few months or even by six weeks due to an absence of love.  So many of our thoughts and fears can be connected to our ability to find or to give love.  How many of our words and actions are based on what other people will think of us, where approval and acceptance are taken as social forms of love?

It is no surprise that emotional wellbeing and happiness depend so much on our ability to honestly express ourselves and to have our feelings validated.  Like the newborn baby who is picked up, held, and hugged as a response to his cries. Feelings and Friendship are closely connected, but it can be that due to a reluctance to open up to, or to acknowledge our feelings even to ourselves, we start to create a lonely, dry, and loveless life.

It isn't that there is a shortage of love in life. It's just a secret to many of us that one of the most reliable, accessible and constant sources of love is actually within ourselves. 

However. for most of us, there is no magic bulldozer that will remove overnight all the barriers we have put in between ourselves and love.  It is more of a systematic dismantling based on the recognition of one important principle: my thoughts and my emotional state are entirely my choice. In other words, the reality I live with has been created for myself.  Mindset, in other words.  We can argue that we didn't choose to lose our job, live in a warzone, etc.  That is true.  But I always have the freedom to choose my attitude in any situation, which automatically shapes my feelings, my sense of wellbeing, and has a huge influence over my life. (look up Viktor E Frankl quotes - author of Man's Search for Meaning) 

In fact, Feelings reveal another 'F' word that works alongside, and that is Freedom

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Stop and Check-In

The most important appointments in my life are going to be the ones I make with MYSELF.  This isn't just about so-called 'me time', where we take time out to relax a little.  This is different - this is where I lift open the hatch to the inside of my head and lovingly ask " Hey, how are you?" 

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