People in our lives who matter.




Living means growing.  We only have to look at nature: something that isn’t growing is dying.

And NEWNESS is the breath of life. 

But NEWS isn’t.

When I substitute newness in myself with

“Do you have any news?”

Then I can understand I have as good as put one foot in the grave.



When I learn how to look nicely inside myself, where I treat myself as a good friend,  there is a limitless opportunity to grow and to enjoy. Otherwise, we start to live as if with one foot in the grave.  

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A Problem Shared

Do you easily share your thoughts and feelings with your friends or family? 

It is important to have at least one genuine listening ear in your life.  And not just to share our troubles or fears so that they don't build up inside.  It is often when we talk about things that we can begin to see situations more clearly for ourselves, which then helps us to find solutions.  

Our natural inner wisdom and instincts are amazing, provided our needs don't get in the way. We already hold the answers within us, and a listening ear will help and encourage us to find them for ourselves.  A good listening ear will never force us to follow their suggestions.

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