Living means growing.  We only have to look at nature: something that isn’t growing is dying.

And NEWNESS is the breath of life. 

But NEWS isn’t.

When I substitute newness in myself with

“Do you have any news?”

Then I can understand I have as good as put one foot in the grave.



When I learn how to look nicely inside myself, where I treat myself as a good friend,  there is a limitless opportunity to grow and to enjoy. Otherwise, we start to live as if with one foot in the grave.  

Two things I try to avoid:

One is waste and the other is not to confuse contentment with what is in fact complacency or laziness. 

What these two things have in common is TIME.  Time is the greatest treasure in life. 

So, to be truly alive means to be fulfilling all that is possible within us, which means the feeling of constantly developing and growing – like a work of art, which can always be improved upon yet enjoyed at the same time.

Why be content with something which I know is less than what I can be?  Not in terms of social recognition but in terms of an inner knowing.  Call it a sense of destiny or simply a feeling that ‘I have more to give.’

Working on this is the truest form of ‘NEWNESS’.  And it is predominantly like the iceberg:  90% is internal, beneath the surface and not visible, but nevertheless creates maximum impact!

If I slip into the habit of comfortable routines, including repetitive patterns on how I think and feel, then there is no more growth within the soul.  Where contentment leads to boredom then it isn't contentment - in fact, it is living a life equivalent to one foot already in the grave.

It is so easy to get caught up in what others are doing, and ‘What’s new?’  For myself, I have learned to satisfy my appetite for newness by staying busy with the inner work – the labour of love –which unlike yesterday’s news, only increases in value over time.  

Like the iceberg, there is a huge area to be working on, but chipping away to shape our character and virtues can be a great starting point.