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Good Harvest

It is late summer and there are harvests to be gathered in from the fields.  But how much do we consider the harvests we reap as a result of our thoughts?

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Breathing is essential to life.  Most of us would die of our bodies in five minutes if we failed to breathe, and it is nature's gift that we usually breathe sub-consciously - we wouldn't be able to focus on doing much else otherwise!

Yet do we realise that the quality of our breathing plays a major role in how we feel, how we respond to situations and, how we can operate to our fullest potential? For instance, defective breathing contributes to over 80% of feelings of anxiety.

Here is a simple way to how we can start improving the quality of our breathing...

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Pump your HU YIM!

Sharing one of the BEST HEALTH TIPS EVER ...

When the body isn't having to busy itself fighting off infection, it can then direct its energy totally into what feels like our life's purpose and into our creativity.  Tiredness or not feeling well no longer become an obstacle in our path to putting our ideas to fruition and making our dreams a reality.

So add this easy health tip to your daily life.  You don't have ti timetable it in - just keep on doing it at any time, anywhere... waiting at traffic lights, waiting for the kettle to boil, watching TV, going through your messages, waiting to fall asleep ... the more often the better!  You cannot overdose on this ...

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