Good Harvest

It is late summer and there are harvests to be gathered in from the fields.  But how much do we consider the harvests we reap as a result of our thoughts?

Only necessary and positive thoughts are productive.

For every thought we have, it is like a seed that plants a feeling which then goes on to create an action further down the line.

When I keep thinking the same way, I can only expect to keep feeling the same way and doing the same things until they become ingrained habits.  Then I see them as part of my character that I can do nothing about ... "I am always this way."

Wrong!  How I think is my choice - nobody is doing my thinking for me. 

And our every thought has a vibrational quality that transmits to the blood proteins that penetrate every cell of our body, which means my physical health also becomes affected at some point.

Plough up the field of repetitive, useless thoughts and negativity.

The seeds of thoughts I constantly sow or scatter in my mind, I therefore ultimately harvest in both my mind and in my body at some point.

These two pictures are of fields were just next to each other on opposite sides of a narrow road.  My granary - My choices.  I harvest what I sow.