Junk Values

Just before Covid-19 lockdown and the moment it was eased, we saw miles of cars queuing at fast-food chains.  Not because there was a shortage of food, but because people were hooked on the taste.  And most of us know although it smells and tastes good, it doesn't do our bodies any good.  It just stops us feeling hungry for a bit.  That's why it is called Junk Food.

But does this preferred way of eating also reflect our preferred way of living?


Yes - JUNK VALUES.  When I go with the crowd, believing they must be right because they are in the majority - the Herd Instinct. 

When I go along with what my mates or other people say is right or wrong, good or bad.  And if they suggest that they are right, better than me, smarter than me, then I agree to all of that too.

Junk Values is what I take in when I don't take the trouble to work out for myself who I am, what I want to stand for, what I want to be about.

And Junk Food, Junk Values, both add up to a Junk LIFE.