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"Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you what you are."  French proverb

So: do any of the words: cheap, fake, fast, easy, or even exploitive, apply?  Or are you mindful, careful, considered, and kind?

Long before food ingredients even reach our kitchens it has been on a journey: one of growth, harvest and travel.  And in every moment it has interacted and created or absorbed vibrational energy that remains stored in its cells until it transmits into the cells of my own body.   It's a fact of science.

So if I feel tired, fretful, agitated, peaceless, or a general sense of low wellbeing, then a good place to start is to look more closely at my food and drink.  Fruit and vegetables which have been sourced locally are always going to be of a superior vibrational quality than something that has been transported from thousands of miles away.  That's a 'no-brainer'.  And do I really want to eat a strawberry in mid-winter and which is completely flavourless?  There is something that almost touches the sacredness of life in the appreciation of eating the 'fruits of the season'. It endorses my sense of connectedness and identity.

Our planet's climate crisis has hugely strengthened the argument against eating animal products.  That in itself should be a persuasive case.  How can it be justified to eat flesh if we have the fortune to live in a part of the world where we are spoiled for choices in non-animal alternatives?  

Yet over and above, even if I care about nobody but myself, to eat animal flesh means to eat the poison or toxin that resides in the slaughtered animal flesh - without exception. The long and complex alimentary tract of humans, and also the lack of 'fit for purpose'  bacteria, enzymes and organs required for the breakdown and digestion of flesh, makes it an over-long and inefficient process that is now being linked to various forms of cancers.  It's an 'own goal' which our bodies try very hard to steer us away from.

It is also a mirror that reflects how much I respect myself, my body, all living creatures, and our planet.

What are your views?  What holds back what seems like perfectly nice and friendly people from making this choice of not being part of the suffering and consequent slaughter and eating of animals? Coz I just can't figure it out ...

Cupboard Love



How is it that two people can cook something using the exact same recipe yet it can taste very different?

It depends on the amount of Ingredient X that goes in.   What is Ingredient X? 

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Chocolate is a Superfood!

It’s TRUE!  Chocolate that has at least 70% cocoa solids offers lots of health benefits!

Of course, it also contains lots of calories in the form of fats and sugars, so unless you are on a diet to gain weight, go easy.  But 20g – 30g a day can be very beneficial, especially for older people.


Dark chocolate is rich in minerals, such as iron, magnesium and zinc.  The cocoa in dark chocolate also contains antioxidants, flavonoids and has anti-inflammatory properties.

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We Are What We Eat

How often have we heard that being said?   And usually in the context of health:  eat healthy food and your body will be healthy.

Actually it goes miles deeper than that!  All matter is vibrational  - energy in vibration - and anything living, including plants, is particularly sensitive to this.  

The vibrational quality of my mood in which I prepare food will penetrate the food, and when I then eat that food, guess what?  Yup, the cycle continues... I will continue to feel peaceful, annoyed, depressed, positive, tired, whatever.

The same goes for the type of food I eat. Apart from a potato, if I eat anything that has had eyes, it had a well-developed sense of consciousness with feelings and emotions transmitted into its every body cell and retained there.  Irrespective of whatever one's ethics may be regarding the eating of animal flesh, we are eating the overriding emotion of that animal at the point of slaughter: be it fear, anger, pain... It comes as no surprise that is has been scientifically proven that eaters of red meat are more aggressive, including in humans!