We Are What We Eat

How often have we heard that being said?   And usually in the context of health:  eat healthy food and your body will be healthy.

Actually it goes miles deeper than that!  All matter is vibrational  - energy in vibration - and anything sentient is particularly sensitive to this.  

The vibrational quality of my mood in which I prepare food will penetrate the food, and when I then eat that food, guess what?  Yup, the cycle continues... I will continue to feel peaceful, annoyed, depressed, positive, tired, whatever.

The same goes for the type of food I eat. Apart from a potato, if I eat anything that has had eyes, it was particularly sentient and those feelings and emotions are transmitted into its every body cell and retained there.  Irrespective of whatever one's ethics may be regarding the eating of animal flesh, we are eating the overriding emotion of that animal at the point of slaughter: be it fear, anger, pain... It comes as no surprise that is has been scientifically proven that eaters of red meat are more aggressive, including in humans!

Watch this space for some 'good mood food' ideas :)