A New Normal

So much has already been observed and said about how the COVID-19 virus has forced a quantum change in how we live and in what we consider as important.  Even when the virus becomes more controlled, it will take a long time for things to return to the way they were, and in some cases, have we discovered that in fact, that isn't what we want or need anymore?

When something so unpredictable and with such far-reaching effects such as COVID-19 can happen, then let us use that as a sign for HOPE.  Even although we humans, who frankly have intellects the size of insects compared to a Higher Power, can't always navigate ourselves to a more elevated sense of purpose or being, a greater sense of order always prevails after unforeseen chaos.  

As someone noted: the word 'emergency' contains in its stem, the words 'emerge' and 'emergence'.

Whatever we learn about ourselves during such 'chaos' and which is both useful and encouraging in terms of helping identify our spiritual values, these are the gifts to treasure and take with us as we continue forward on this journey ... together.