Help the Planet

 ... one ECO-BRICK at a time!  They estimate 60% of Britain's plastics is still going into landfill or incinerators - and that's what doesn't end up scattered around streets, fields, and in our oceans.

Here is a neat way to put non-recyclable inorganic materials such as cellophane to good use ... turn them into ECO-BRICKS! 


Take a large plastic bottle and a few weeks' worth of non-recyclable plastic or laminated paper waste.  Pack the bottle as tightly as possible until completely full.  But make sure nothing organic goes in that will cause microbiological growth and methane gas to develop.

Shred/cut some of the plastic if it makes it easier to funnel it into the bottle.   A stick, such as a garden plant cane, comes in handy.  You'll be surprised how much it can hold  - even in the last inch near the neck!

What is created is a cheap, energy and resource-efficient building material.  In Serbia, a maths professor turned 13,500 eco-bricks into his dream home. In some countries they are used to build schools and family fishing boats.  Or they could be bound together and used for outside furniture -  footstools, benches, etc  They can also remain invisible and remain behind walls where used as effective building insulation.

One could take the view that what difference is the few eco-bricks I might create every year, especially as a small or single householder?  But there is a deeper and more fundamental aspect that is in fact 'mental' and to do with my mental health and self-respect...

The more I respect myself, the more I also respect others, and also the more I respect all other things around me: animals, nature and matter.

Included in this is not to waste anything - that is also a sign of respect for our planet.  There is also a law called karma which means that a day will (definitely - as it is a law) come when I will miss and wish for whatever I have had and wasted in the past - be it time, money, clothes, food, water, electricity  ...

Let Liferoute know what uses you have come up with for eco-bricks!