The inner knowing that is Truth.

Rain Comes

The rain fell so hard that I could have surfed down the street.
But afterwards the hydrangea  - the plant that loves water, hence it is named after 'hydra' meaning water in Greek - absolutely sparkled.

It made me think how the rain that seems to fall so hard in our lives at times, must also eventually stop - and what we have gone through leaves us sparkling like a diamond that has been cut to perfection.

As someone once said: LIfe is like a blue sky ... the rest is just weather.




Someone I know who runs outdoor retreats for young people stated how Adventure should be regarded as a universal human value, alongside peace, love, respect etc.

Having just returned from what ended up as an eight-hour slog over what turned out to be rather arduous outdoor coastal walk, I totally see where he is coming from … 

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