Four Strands to Faith

They say there are four main areas where we have relationships: with others, with matter and the elements, with the Source of Life, and with ourselves.  Interestingly, the quality of that relationship in any of those four areas is mirrored in the remaining three.

For instance, if we think we don't get on well with others and prefer our own company, then take a closer look at how we speak to ourselves inside our mind!  How respectful are we of nature and the planet's resources?  And do we also block out the opportunity of a close relationship with the Divine?

The same works in reverse: the more I enjoy and appreciate myself, then the more I respect and take joy from others, the elements and the Divine Source.

Using this tenet is a useful starting point in developing faith in ourselves and in life.  Faith breeds confidence, and that then brings growth and the opportunity to flourish.