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"Know the Life you want to Live, and Live that Life!"   Dadi Janki, Spiritual Leader and Keeper of Wisdom

Faith and Future are very closely linked. It takes Faith to believe in a future, to believe in our dreams.  And both Future and Faith require ongoing courage, resilience, determination, hope.

I would argue that Faith is not the same as religion.  But certainly religion or having a certain creed - a set of beliefs that help guide our actions - definitely assists us in having or developing faith.  

The greatest and most important faith of all is Faith in Myself.  Not a loud and chest-thumping display of self-belief, but a deep and inner knowing that I have all that I need already within me.  Of course, to achieve this, it helps to understand who I am, what I am about, and to find my way around myself.

Then there is Faith in Others.  Faith and trust are arguably not the same thing.  I learn to discern in which ways I can trust different people. For instance, I might trust them with my purse but not with my feelings. But there can always be an underlying faith, which can take the form of acceptance or appreciation, and where I have faith in there being overall benefit in every interaction even although it may not be immediately clear what that might be.

If I can understand there is always a bigger picture yet to unfold, then it is wonderfully reassuring to have Faith in Life.  What seems like a decision that needs to be made will have far-reaching consequences can be scary.  But when I look back on those decisions, the bad ones, as well as the good ones, have equally contributed to where I am right here, right now.  And I am content in that, because as someone once observed: "When we look at everyone else's life, we realise that in fact whilst we wish maybe some things to be better for ourselves, we never actually want to live someone else's life instead."


Thanks for reading.  It would be lovely to hear from you and your own thoughts and comments on any of these reflections and blogs. 

Rain Comes

The rain fell so hard that I could have surfed down the street.

But afterwards the hydrangea  - the plant that loves water, hence it is named after 'hydra' meaning water in Greek - absolutely sparkled.

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Someone I know who runs outdoor retreats for young people stated how Adventure should be regarded as a universal human value, alongside peace, love, respect etc.

Having just returned from what ended up as an eight-hour slog over what turned out to be rather arduous outdoor coastal walk, I totally see where he is coming from … 

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