Directions Personal & Business Development is the consultancy arm of Liferoute, and works with teams and individuals within organisations in a mentoring capacity.

It is an established fact that all individuals, without exception, require six fundamental elements in their lives in order to fully develop, grow, and contribute.  These are values-based attitudes and behaviours that need to be seen and encouraged from the top-down, whatever the nature of the workplace.  However, this cannot be achieved by good intentions alone. Specific mindsets, skills and techniques can be learned that enable everyone to give of their best and to want to stay with you.

On this page are some examples of the breadth of how we may contribute towards this in your workplace.

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Cranfield Trust

We are a member of the Cranfield Trust, a national charity and the UK's leading provider of pro bono business support for the voluntary sector through a UK-wide network of over 1,000 highly skilled and experienced management consultants.

Building Competitive Advantage (BCA)

Why do customers choose to give you their business?  Price is only the defining reason in the absence of any other factors.

Whist the registration of patents, intellectual property and trademarks can all provide some protection for your business there is always the risk for derivatives to appear.

The solution resides in reaching a point of clarity on what defines and separates you from your business competitors.  Something that cannot be so easily replicated and will protect and sustain your business. It requires clear, crisp, honest introspection on what you in fact deliver, combined with an assumption-free understanding of what in fact your client needs.

Directions can help facilitate you in this  - help you to separate the wood from the trees; challenge what you believe to be reality.

Leadership through Golf

From your golf game, how you think, talk, walk and sulk all reveal personal growth opportunities. 

Conducted on the championship golf course at Cruden Bay, it can be demonstrated to you how your golf game provides an accurate mirror of your mindset in action.  More importantly, your golf game (or indeed, any sport of your personal choosing) can provide a constant and immediate mirror of your ability to check and to change your thinking habits in the same way that is required for good management and leadership.

Benefits of Leadership through Golf sessions can include:

  • increased self-awareness and the existence of unhelpful attitudes;
  • insights into the right type of attention without tension;
  • enabling the breakdown of unhelpful schemas that get in the way of good leadership;
  • improving your scorecard on the course and your life game off the golf course. 

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

We all have differing innate gifts which we bring to any situation.  Be it at the workplace or in the home, as part of a team or on our own.

What 'makes us tick' as an individual, is usually also a source of enjoyment and self-satisfaction.  The more we align our time and energy to this, the more success and happiness will automatically follow, like a shadow.

The MBTI can be an excellent tool that shines a light onto the natural preferences within our principal psychological functions, that can then define more clearly our purpose and how we can best go about things.

However, simply taking the MBTI self-report questionnaire can in many cases skew the findings. At Liferoute we are highly experienced in both delivery and, more importantly, in the validation of results which can only be done within a one-on-one conversation.

As well as overall increased life satisfaction, applications in the workplace include career guidance, recruitment selection, support for enforced redundancy, and as a most effective tool for increased self-awareness, relationship and team building at the highest levels within organisations.

Thinking Lunches

We are all of us human beings, not machines. It's a curious fact that we get most of our deeper insights when we step away from our desk or bench.  Often, we also get our best ideas as a result of conversations with others.

By taking an occasional communal lunch break (say, once a month) Thinking Lunches, facilitated by Directions, the consultancy arm of Liferoute, is a relaxed time away from the desk for work colleagues to participate in supportive and constructive conversations, or to learn something completely new and ‘out of the box’.

Benefits of Thinking Lunches can include:

  • the fostering of equality where everyone is treated as thinking peers;
  • the cultivation of ease, which in fact promotes greater effectiveness than does rush or urgency;
  • the opportunity to feel valued, respected, understood and listened to;
  • the ability to attain a full and accurate picture of reality;
  • the ability to vent frustrations, to restore quality thinking and to invite creative solutions;
  • the opportunity for participants to learn and practise how to better conduct more effective department/team meetings.