Prayer and Power Bank

Imagine belonging to a bank where whatever you deposit yields a high rate of interest and you can make withdrawals at short notice.  Even better, how would it be if you can also take out an interest-free loan with no strings attached?

Sounds too good to be true?  When we understand that we are all part of a spiritual energy field that is beyond even mere electrons and, that this Field works at its best when we interconnect through our own vibrational energy, then truly the seemingly impossible becomes possible.    

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Broken Wing

A bird that tries to fly with a broken wing will at best just fly in ever decreasing circles and get nowhere.  Whether it is physical, emotional, mental - illness, pain, loss - they are all cries for mending something deep, personal, and hurting. 

A broken wing can come from out of the blue or it can creep up on you, but either way, there comes a point where it stops you in your tracks.
It can start with how you are feeling.  Tired, panicky, stressy... 

You might go into denial for a bit, telling yourself that it is a phase and will go away, that all you need is a break, a holiday.  Or maybe all you need is a career, a million in the bank, a few more drinks, whatever... But if you fail to tune in to what in fact is going on, then the message will persist and get louder.  

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Raja Yoga Meditation

This is open-eyed meditation - you can do it at any time and anywhere.  It is wireless and the network is always available.    

It is called Raja Yoga because 'yoga' means to make a connection.  And we add the word 'Raja' which means royal, or kingly, because we learn to rule and to stay cool.

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Murli Café

Murli Café is currently suspended as a precaution against the current coronavirus COVID-19 situation. 

Circle of Light

Circle of Light is currently suspended as a precaution against the current coronavirus COVID-19 situation.