Raja Yoga Meditation

This is open-eyed meditation - you can do it at any time and anywhere.  It is wireless and the network is always available.    

It is called Raja Yoga because 'yoga' means to make a connection.  And we add the word 'Raja' which means royal, or kingly, because we learn to rule and to stay cool.


Imagine an electrical plug where one of the wires gets loose and disconnects.  No current. The fuse might blow.  Sparks can fly.  It's a similar thing that goes on inside our heads.  When I'm not securely wired into the 'Who I am' and 'What I am about'  I can easily lose control over my thoughts and feelings which then shape my attitudes and emotions. 

The mind is like a wild horse - our attention keeps bolting off, creating a steady stream of disconnected thoughts, opinions and words without ever stopping to listen to ourselves. We get tired yet sleepless, tense, depressed, panicky, anxious.  

Through Raja Yoga, we develop a spiritual connection that calms, heals, strengthens.  It can take time, and it does require determination, but we learn how to slow down our thoughts and to raise their quality. The wild horse of the mind can be tamed to become not just obedient, but our best friend. 

There are a variety of ways you can learn the original Raja Yoga, as taught by the Brahma Kumaris, and all are at no charge and with the opportunity to make a donation.  At Liferoute, it can currently be done through life video conferencing sessions (Skype, Zoom), either as part of a group or just yourself. 

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