Broken Wing


It is the harmonising of body, mind and spirit that enables us to truly fly.  But if we treat these as three separate 'departments' then we can weaken.  A wing 'breaks' and we FALL ill.  We lose any sense of peace and we get DIS-EASE. 
How do we mend and heal? 
At Liferoute we firmly believe that medication does not provide the solution.  Yes, it can relieve some of the pain, but it won't fix the wing. It can place a plaster on the bleeding, but it won't close the wound.
However, healing is definitely possible and answers lie in the integration of the most ancient philosophies that date back 5000 years: Raja Yoga for mind and spirit and Chinese self-healing body practices. 
These two sources of wisdom create between them SIX PILLARS for a healthy lifestyle and mindset, and SIX STEPS towards deep healing, inner peace and constant happiness.


Get in touch by email in Contacts in the first instance and we can connect.  You might then decide to continue with free mentoring-style sessions that will introduce you to the SIX STEPS one at a time, systematically, and at a pace that is right for you.

For now, we do this by video calls… with further opportunities for personal retreats or joining a support group further down the line.