Broken Wing

A bird that tries to fly with a broken wing will at best just fly in ever decreasing circles and get nowhere.  Whether it is physical, emotional, mental - illness, pain, loss - they are all cries for mending something deep, personal, and hurting. 

A broken wing can come from out of the blue or it can creep up on you, but either way, there comes a point where it stops you in your tracks.
It can start with how you are feeling.  Tired, panicky, stressy... 

You might go into denial for a bit, telling yourself that it is a phase and will go away, that all you need is a break, a holiday.  Or maybe all you need is a career, a million in the bank, a few more drinks, whatever... But if you fail to tune in to what in fact is going on, then the message will persist and get louder.  
Sometimes things step in to try to force a change.  Illnesses, disease (dis-ease), sprains, fractures, heart attacks, strokes, etc can all be explained away at a medical level, but their root is spiritual - you, the spirit, has gone way off track from how you should be living your life. 
You need to be GROUNDED! To be made to stop, to listen, to assess, to 'reset', and to find your way back to the peace and happiness which is your birthright.
Addictions and medications can provide short term escape from the pain or condition, but it won't fix the wing. It's like a plaster on the bleeding, but it won't close the wound.
Cognitive therapy can also help for some. But humans were in fact at their wisest 5000 years ago, when they were most connected with spirit instead of matter.  From those times emerged the most ancient philosophies of Raja Yoga for mind and spirit and Chinese self-healing body practices. To put it simply: how to think and how to breathe.  The two most fundamental aspects of living.
These two sources of wisdom create between them SIX PILLARS for a healthy lifestyle and mindset, and SIX STEPS towards deep healing, inner peace, and constant happiness.  

Get in touch by email in Contacts if you are ready to start listening to your own wise inner messenger and would like some mentoring help that will introduce you to the SIX STEPS one at a time, systematically, and at a pace that is right for you.

For now, we do this by video calls… with further opportunities for personal retreats or joining a support group further down the line.