Prayer and Power Bank

Imagine belonging to a bank where whatever you deposit yields a high rate of interest and you can make withdrawals at short notice.  Even better, how would it be if you can also take out an interest-free loan with no strings attached?

Sounds too good to be true?  When we understand that we are all part of a spiritual energy field that is beyond even mere electrons and, that this Field works at its best when we interconnect through our own vibrational energy, then truly the seemingly impossible becomes possible.    


The power of collective thought, meditation or prayer, intensifies by magnitudes the positive results we can otherwise achieve by each of us individually.

Thanks to the capabilities of modern computers, we now have the means to run bias-free experiments and also to make 'clean' measurements on the effects of groups who focus together on what is called an 'intention'.  And the extraordinary conclusions cannot be argued.

As a result, more and more people are now creating such groups in various names and formats as more of us are waking up to this reality.

A group's intention might be to solve or to salve - to fix or to heal - or it may be to assist something to come about for the greater good, and which is going to bring benefit to others and to the planet.

What makes the Prayer and Power Bank different is that it also provides an additional understanding in terms of how the spiritual 'machinery' works.  It is explained who the 'I' is who is meditating, the inter-relationship that exists between ourselves and matter, and also the spiritual laws that constantly interplay in our lives and how we can work with them to advantage, especially in our meditations.

When we understand that what might seem haphazard, chaotic, or downright tough, is in fact part of something greater, wiser, and completely filled with benevolence then we can stop resisting and start growing.

If you wish to join a group, then first book an appointment with the 'Bank Manager' through the Contacts page, and we'll take it from there.

No initial deposit is necessary!