Un-Plug and Re-Connect

The speciality of a Liferoute retreat is a long and uninterrupted time of silence where you have no need to direct your energies outwardly into the world. Like a tortoise, you can withdraw inwardly and go on the journey of self-discovery. 

You can merge with your surroundings as you walk along clifftops and take strolls along the two-mile sandy beach. Synchronise with nature; embrace the elements; discover how everything of the external is experienced within. And how everything within has the power to influence.

Eat sattvic/plant-based meals in silent mindfulness.  Understand what and how we eat affects our thoughts, feelings and energy levels; every fibre of our wellbeing. Take strength and heal the spirit.

Re-awaken the awareness that in every moment we determine our own destiny.


No Wi-Fi or phones

A device-free environment


When you visit LIferoute, it means to leave behind your phones and tablets, your pods and pads, your emails and browsers.  (Or leave them at the door and they’ll be returned to you, charged and ready when you depart.)  No Wi-Fi but ‘Who am I?’  Strip away your routines and mindset, the flow of habits that hide us from ourselves... then to reveal your inner truth, your authenticity, the life you were gifted to live. 


There is a part of you that is pure and perfect. It is the soul, the spirit within. Through silence which is anchored in ancient Raja Yoga philosophy and meditation, you can re-connect with all that feels true, real, empowering and wonderful. You can touch the divine that is within you, around you, blessing you and looking after you. You find your authenticity…  clarity of purpose... peace of mind.

Let Go and Gain

Through your Liferoute retreat experience, you can allow yourself to let go and become empty so that you can be re-filled and replenished.  Let go and become empty of internal chatter, empty of ‘should’ and ‘have to’ and empty of questions.  To let go means to trust and, to make the space for what nourishes to flow through and to reach you.  For this, you need inner silence.


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