Un-Plug and Re-Connect

The speciality of a Liferoute retreat is a long and uninterrupted time of silence where you have no need to direct your energies outwardly into the world. Like a tortoise, you can withdraw inwardly and go on the journey of self-discovery. 

You can merge with your surroundings as you walk along clifftops and take strolls along the two-mile sandy beach. Synchronise with nature; embrace the elements; discover how everything of the external is experienced within. And how everything within has the power to influence.

Eat sattvic/plant-based meals in silent mindfulness.  Understand what and how we eat affects our thoughts, feelings and energy levels; every fibre of our wellbeing. Take strength and heal the spirit.

Re-awaken the awareness that in every moment we determine our own destiny.


No Wi-Fi or phones

A device-free environment


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